Graphics Layout Skill: Photoshop is the key!

31 May

When I decided to stay at home and to learn how to earn online, I had curiosity in graphics layout too. And with that curiosity, I was determined to do (on my own) the invitation layout for my daughter’s 5th birthday. I’m glad that my husband supported me as I familiarized myself to Photoshop application. Videos in Youtube and blogs about graphics layout were helpful too! It was a very nice experience for me to explore this application and to know the basic of layout and editing skills. As a mom, I am proud to give all my effort to my daughter’s special day. Below was my first birthday layout. Not quite bad for a first timer in Photoshop, right?


First Birthday Invitation Layout

I had fun doing this kind of stuff. That’s why I gave time to do some layout for special occasions not only for my family but for my friends too. I made another layout using the same application for my youngest daughter’s christening. I’m impressed with the final touch!


First Baptism Invitation Layout

There were times that I did some invitation layouts for my friends. I am happy to share my knowledge and skills in photo edit and graphics layout.


First Wedding Invitation Layout


Second Baptism Invitation Layout

Exploring new skills will help us to become more adequate for the position we are applying for, especially to Virtual Assistant position with Graphics Designing skill requirement. Doing series of practices and sample works will determine our level of expertise.

Note: Pardon with some low resolution layouts. I had lost the raw files due to technical issues.


Perks of being active on Social Media

13 May

I am a member of a well-known parenting group since 2008. As an active member who achieved Hero level account, I was appointed as one of the Global Moderators of the said parent chat. It was really a great experience for me as a mom. Being a moderator is such a challenging yet satisfying job for me. I will always find time to do my responsibilities out of love.

As Social Media became dominant in the Internet world, people around the world can communicate easily. In Facebook, lots of communities were established and these include parenting groups. I was able to join the Facebook group of Smartparenting and really been an active member since then. I gave advice, thoughts, and reactions to each topic posted in the group.

Luckily in March 2018, I was selected for a local brand product testing because of being enthusiast mommy member. I received a cologne product kit and test it to my youngest daughter for one week. It was a wonderful experience for me and for my daughter. I am very thankful for the opportunity given by Smartparenting and for all the helpful articles and news they have shared.


(Check this link for the full article of Smartparenting)

Sharing my parenthood among of the mommy members of the group was my passion and love for the life I have right now. Being a work-at-home mom gives lots of opportunities to me and to my whole family.

Two weeks ago, Smartparenting announced that they will give Mother’s day treat to the chosen moms who will share a very inspiring milestone of their motherhood. I submitted a mom-barkada story. And today, May 13, 2018, I received an amazing Mother’s day treat from them. I won a buffet for four at Flavors at Holiday Inn and Suites in Makati. I am always grateful to share my mommy stories with Smartparenting!

(Click this link to read the full article of Smartparenting)

The pleasure to help others and the quality time I spent in Social Media, I can gain valuable treats not only for me but for my whole family!

Quality Assurance Tester: A Level Up Career

11 May

On Dec. 27, 2016, I was recommended to a QA Tester position through Upwork. I went through the hiring process and luckily that I passed the screening. At first I thought it was a 4-week project only. But as we wrapped up all the requirements in the document versus the actual functionalities in the website, we came up with different plans and strategies for the testing and development period.

I am very happy and always grateful that I had the chance to become part of the QA team as well as to meet virtually my very supportive client. I had the chance to use some online tools which include Slack, Voxer and Zoom for communications as well as Trello, LeanTesting, and JIRA as bug reporting tools.

It was a very challenging job for me as a mom of two kids. I need to work for about thirty hours or more a week and do all the household chores and guide my kids in their lessons all at the same time. I thank God for the strengths that He gave me and the courage to finish the project successfully. One year and two months to be exact.

Having this kind of job helped me to earn more money and provide good living for my family especially for my kids. And of course, I had this much awaited hourly rate per hour. Yes, compared to others, my rate could be lower than expected but I can say it can support our day to day living. I am always hoping for projects like this in future!

Personal Assistant: Best Job Ever

15 Jul

I always wondering if I could get a great online job. With my past job experiences, I did the writing and project assisting stuff. Well, it’s good as I can handle my own working time; no fixed schedule of work. As I look for a better job, I was really not into Admin Assistant positions especially having tasks that need to handle calls and other follow ups over the phone. However, writing, blogging, and other documentation tasks make me feel like I’m doing it in routine; no challenges, no new learning, and even no increase in rate – that’s the sad part.

I love to work at the comfort of my home but still I need to balance the expenses over the income I earned as a remote staff. Suddenly, a job post specifically meant for me came out of my email. Oh! The job post is personally made for me and really caught my attention. At first I thought it was just an ordinary invitation to the job but then there was this feeling that I could get the contract (and was really meant for me).

Then the day of interview came. All were perfectly set even it is morning in my time; my older child is at school already and the other one is still sleeping. The interview took about 40mins and all is well. That was the first time I had a long conversation of discussing my experiences and skills.

But I was surprise with the job description – take calls. Oh is this really part of my task? I thought I’m going to create business plans and some graphics designs stated in the post.

As I started, my boss is very hands-on in giving advice and orientation to my new job as he also new to this one – having a personal assistant. He was great, well my other colleague told me that he is a super boss. So kind and generous as he pays even my internet subscription. He always gives commendation to each task I successfully finished and it was really rewarding.

I also got the chance to learn more about Skype. He gave me a number and a Skype credit in order to take or receive calls from all of his appointments. I am amazed with how Skype works and I’m getting used to it. And handling calls became easy as the day has passed. My boss taught me well and adjustments can successfully overcome at least for a month and as he always said “I’m working great!”.

Also, this Office365 of Microsoft is awesome. At first I was confused on how it works but thankful that my boss guided me well and he allotted me time to read and watch tutorials (well I always do this if I don’t have any tasks to do). The application is so powerful in managing everything about your business including email, IM, tasks, meeting, appointment, document, spreadsheet, presentation, and other necessary for business purposes.

Today is my 17th day of the 1 month trial. He gave me a month of trial as a Personal Assistant and I am looking forward to have a long term of work with him. It was great and satisfying job for me.

Virtual Assistant Job: Project Assistant

11 Nov
Virtual Assistant Job - Project Assistant

Virtual Assistant Job – Project Assistant

It’s been almost one year since I got a new online job at oDesk. Being a Virtual Assistant is such a challenging yet satisfying online job I’ve ever had. I was hired for a Project Assistant position wherein I assist the Project Manager I’m working with and taking cared of all the project plans and other paper works as stated his project timeline.

I used to do some article and news writing stuff for the clients’ website blogs and email features. Also, I am in charge of the proposed content of each website project we’re designing and developing. Typically, I need to study and learn more about the concept of the website that our clients need to do with it. More often, I interact with the client (in behalf of my boss who is the project manager) and talk about the scope specifically the major functionality of the website. Also, to discuss the timeline and budget.

I also include some proposals during the conversation which includes Off and On Page optimization wherein most of our clients are interested. Of course, traffic and visits are important to each website nowadays.

All the approved details will be noted and will be reported to my boss. Most likely, this is my most strict duty since I need to consolidate the details and explain each of it especially the visibility and feasibility.

What I loved most about this online job is that there are tools that are new to me such as the Basecamp. This is where we itemize our clients and create timeline in each project. Also, our clients are capable to access their specific folder and place all necessary details and files needed in the development.

Other tasks of my position includes updates of my boss’ profiles in different social media such as in SkillPages and LinkedIn. Really contented with this online job and hoping to have continuous contract with the same employer.

Online Job: Getting Back Where I Belong

19 Jul
Online Job

Online Job

It’s been one year since I left the Internet world and got hired with a certain company and make things busy with me. Though my job is still related to web but this time it is more on development, maintenance, and updates. As I go along, I felt that things not really work good for me. About the satisfaction each day and how I feel about the output I made.

I love my work but there are complicated things happening around and I cannot control and manipulate it. With one month of thinking and praying, finally I got the courage to create a resignation letter and submit it to my immediate supervisor. July 15, 2012 is my last employment day. After that, I felt that I was free again and can continue my stuff here in Internet where my passion resides.

Glad that I still recover all of my accounts in different forums, social media, and emailing sites and most especially my WordPress account. Also, happy that I’m back again with my online job. Really thankful with the blessings I am receiving now. Not only the money I am earning but with the trust I gained from my earlier virtual employer that still hired me again for an Article Writing and Blog Commenting jobs.

oDesk really works good until this time. Some part of the website got enhanced but I loved it. It is more strong and competent in looks. For the functionality, nothings changed. Fixed and hourly jobs are still there and of course the ability to identify fraud from real job posts by checking employer’s feedback and money spent. oDesk is a great place for us to work online and earn money without going to office. oDesk is one stop virtual desktop where you can explore different opportunities and get hired in one click away.

Busy But Productive Week

15 Jun

Before I start, I just want to thank WordPress for its upgrades or enhancements in our dashboard. I can say that it is more friendly and organized. Thanks a lot.

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

After A Not So Busy Week post which was about the week with no online job obligations, it follows weeks of various works of earning opportunity. And I am right that with that not so busy week, God just let me to take a rest for a while, take good care of my family, and enjoy.

This time I want to share to  you the blessings I receiving up to this moment. There are lots of job opportunities opened to me at oDesk. Three fixed jobs (two are already finished and paid) and one hourly job. This hourly job is all about commenting to different social media blogs. This is easy but requires a good comprehension and understanding before making a comment since I have to secure guaranteed approval of my comment by the blog admin staff. And what really excites me in this hourly job is the rate I am receiving which is $2 per hour. In my first week of work as Comment Poster (this is my job position), my employer requires me a limit of 15 hours a week (total of $30 for 15 hours per week) and for the next two weeks, my work limit was raised to 25 hours ($50 for 25 hours per week). This gives me a $200 earning per month plus my other work fees in fixed jobs.

I really enjoy with my current rate. As a mother with a three-year-old child, 25 hours of work a week is enough for me and I can do other tasks here at home as well as taking care of my child and husband. But then I am looking forward to reach at least $5 per hour for great earnings that’s why I am eager to have more experience at oDesk (because one way for you to increase your rate is to have solid experience including oDesk hours, number of contracts, and at least 4.5 average rate feedback).

I am encouraging you to try oDesk. This site is not fraud and absolutely honest with the earnings you are working for. I already made withdrawals of my earnings (April and May) directly to my local bank account.